Most photographers want to do something different and this gallery is my attempt at "underwater art".


My underwater photo journey started around 2006. Being new to this aqua world, i decided to opt for a relatively cheaper camera/housing combo. As the Ikelite Housing had more versatility, my choice was easy and the camera was a Canon G7. Initially I started off with one strobe the Ikelite DS 51 and over a period of time went in for another strobe and close up wet lenses, an Inon wide angle lens with a Dome Port and many other add ons. This system served me well for over two years and proved more than capable of taking great images.


The Nauticam housing for the 7D is really a pleasure to use and is a leap forward ergonomically and in quality of construction, ease of use etc. Camera choice - Canon 7D which is more than close to the SLR's I had used earlier. I was now on very familiar territory as far as camera/lenses were concerned. The choice of lenses' for underwater are Canon 100 mm Macro, 60mm Macro and the Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens. I have both the mini and the large 8" dome for wide angle. Strobes are still the same: a pair of Z 240s. The capability to take videos with a DSLR was a totally new terrain and the learning curve is probably going to be quite long. Apart from weight I love this system and will be using it for a few years.

Micro Four Thirds

This will probably remain my most favourite system of all. The camera was an Olympus E3330 with various Oly lenses, including the 8mm Fisheye, the 50mm Macro and others. Housing was a 10 bar with different ports including a mini dome specifically made for this housing which took amazing and sharp wide angle photo's with hardly a hint of blurring or vignetting at corners. But what changed the entire game was buying two really powerful strobes the Inon Z240's. Undoubtedly there was some compromise on the kind of images possible with the G7 due to shutter lag and some blurred edges and vignetting, but all that was history.